Frequently Asked Questions

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How to get a Golden Price account?

1. Go to the link
2. Enter your details and send the "Register" request.

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How to change login information?

You need to go to the Setting section to change your password or wallets.

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How to invest if I don't have e-currency accounts?

We accept Bitcoin, Tron, Tether TRC20, BNB, Tether BEP20, XRP, ePayCore. You can register a digital wallet absolutely free of charge by going to the official website of any of the listed currencies.

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Can I open multiple accounts at the same time?

No. In addition, we will block all funds of any member who creates multiple accounts and all accounts associated with it.

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Can I have referral commission without opening a deposit?

No. You must have an active deposit. Our company believes that only active users can engage in promotion. Referral commission - 0.5%

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I want a new password for my account, can I change it?

Any user can change the data in the settings section.

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Can I lose my funds?

Remember that there is always some risk in investing, especially when you invest in qualified programs. Keep in mind one thing that could save you from serious bankruptcy. Never invest more than you planned, according to your budget and business aspirations.

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How make a deposit?

1. Select the plan to which you want to deposit.
2. Click make a deposit and payment method.
3. Enter the deposit amount and pay.

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What is the minimum amount I can invest?

The minimum amount required to make a deposit is $30.

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How long does the deposit take to be credited?

Funds is credited in real-time after they are deposited, the data will be updated automatically as soon as the system processes the receipt of funds. For cryptocurrencies, you need to wait for confirmations. Add a currency account, refresh the page.

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Can I make a deposit from my account balance?

This feature is provided. You need to log into your account, select "Make a deposit", then select radio button "Deposit from my account balance".

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Can I make additional deposits after opening an account?

It is quite possible if the system approves it.

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How is interest calculated on my deposit?

Interest is accrued only on working days automatically depending on the deposit plan - every hour for hourly plans, every day for daily plans and for plans after days - at the end of the deposit.

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How make a withdrawal request?

1. Log in to your account using your username and password.
2. Click on the Withdrawal section.
3. Select a currency and enter the amount of the withdrawal request.
4. Click "Confirm".

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When will I receive my funds after a withdrawal request?

Withdrawal requests are processed instant (in exceptional cases up to 48 hours).

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What is the minimum withdrawal limit?

Minimum amount for withdrawals amount limits for:
Bitcoin - $20
Tether TRC20, Tron, XRP - $10
BNB, Tether BEP20 - $5
ePayCore - $1